Oct 11

Digital Painting Workshop: Motor City Art Studio

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Learn to create more dynamic and cohesive illustrations. In this workshop students may revise an existing art piece (digital or traditional) using digital painting or start a new piece. Along with painting demonstrations each student will get one on one painting time with me. I will also be touching on correctly formatting your files for different uses such as print, web to make sure your art looks great on any format.

*All students will receive a download of my custom textures, brushes and cheat sheets

Jul 25

Drawing Doodle Blitz

Drawing Doodle Blitz - S1

Jul 21 - 25, 2014

Summer Camp at the Plymouth Community Arts Council

M - F, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Ages 7-13

A Like to draw? Take the Basics + some Experimental techniques and that's what Doodle Blitz Drawing is all about! Learn some amazing tips and tricks from a professional illustrator to make your drawings Extraordinary! We'll use pen, graphite, watercolor pencils, pastels and charcoal in lots of artistic styles. Students' best pieces will be exhibited in our end of summer Art Show.

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Jul 20

Guest at Detcon1

Friday, 12pm: Panel: Future of Art and Artists in SF/F Ambassador Salon 2

Traditional and digital publishing is constantly, rapidly, evolving in SF/F. Publishers disappear and merge. Smaller ones arise. What are the implications for the visual arts in SF/F? Can artists make a living or are they migrating for their livelihoods? Pro artists discuss how they've evolved with the latest changes in publishing, creating revenue streams and art opportunities.

John Picacio (m), Kirbi Fagan, Carl Lundgren

Friday, 6pm: Who Is That Artist? Ambassador Salon 2

Our panelists and the audience look at images of SF and fantasy art and

suggest the name of the artist.

Murray Moore (m), John Picacio, Kirbi Fagan, Carl Lundgren

Saturday 2pm, Panel: Dressing A Fictional World Ambassador Salon 2

Clothes don't just make the man--they also make the character, their society, and their physical world. In this panel, experienced costumers team up with writers to build a world and determine how characters in it would dress, based on their physical, social, and personal background.

Aurora Celeste, Roberta Rogow, Deanna Sjolander, Kirbi Fagan, Mackenzie Morgan

Saturday, 4pm, Panel: Good, Bad, Ugly -- SF/F Cover Art & Design Mackinac East

What's good, what sucks, what could be better...a survey of covers, past and

present, of SF/F and comics, and talking about what works and what doesn't.

John Picacio (m), Saladin Ahmed, Scott H. Andrews, Kirbi Fagan 


Locations subject to change.

Jun 27

Dragon Academy

Summer Camp 2014 at the Plymouth Arts Council

Dragon Academy - S1

Jun 23 - 27, 2014

M - F, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Ages 8-13

A continuation of our popular afterschool class, Dragon Prep School, campers will develop and create their own Dragon with personalities all their own. This mixed media art class will explore drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture themed projects with our best pieces displayed in our end of summer Art Show.


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